School Real Estate Tax, School Per Capita Tax,
Municipal Real Estate Tax and Municipal Fire Tax
will be collected by :

Drita L Crawford                                                                    Hours:    July & August                       Tues & Wed  5-7PM
328 Darlington Road        
                                                                      Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec          Tues  5-7PM
Wampum PA

724-535-2081                                                                            Closed:  July 3 & 4, Nov 6, Nov 27 and Dec 25, 2018


County Assessment Office:

Local Earned Income Tax:
Starting with the 2012 tax year, the Local Earned Income Tax in our community will be collected and administrated by Berkheimer Tax Administrator. This change is the result of state legislation (Act 32), that required the consolidation of the collection of Local Earned Income to a county “Tax Collection District”. The tax rate and all the filing dates will remain the same, this is a change in the collector only. However, there are changes in the employer withholding requirements. Please visit the Berkheimer website for more details ( We encourage you to take advantage of the fast and easy e-filing for individuals and employers, offered by Berkheimer.


Local Services Tax (LST):
Employers & self employed residents please continue to remit Local Services Tax (LST) directly to New Beaver Borough.  Effective January 1, 2016 the LST rate is $40.00.



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